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5030 Carothers Pkwy, Ste 120 Franklin, TN 37067

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Behavioral Health Services for Williamson County in Franklin

Family Care Center Franklin is located at 5030 Carothers Pkwy, Ste 120 Franklin, TN 37067. At our clinic, we provide comprehensive behavioral health services, including counselingmedication management, and more. We aim to provide a welcoming, compassionate, and safe environment for people from all walks of life. At Family Care Center, we believe that individuals can heal from mental health issues, as long as they have the right support, and we’re proud to provide the residents of Williamson County and the surrounding areas with just that.

Isabella Cipriani-Bluemmel Family Care Center
Isabella Cipriani-Bluemmel, Clinic Administrator
Andrew Holmgren Family Care Center
Andrew Holmgren, LPC-MHSP

I approach counseling from a collaborative perspective, in which you, the client, and I work together to identify ways to address your concerns and meet your therapeutic goals. In session, I take an interpersonal stance where we explore the ways that your relationships with others can impact the concerns that brought you to therapy as well as how these concerns might impact your current relationships. I firmly believe that each client has the ability to accomplish their goals when they can engage authentically in a nonjudgmental therapeutic space.